15 September 2015

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Welcome to RAFSA

  • Have you been rejected as a good building designer by SACAP - 'South African council for the architecture profession'?

  • Do you think it is unfair that it is solely in SACAP's power to award you their professional number to practise architecture in South Africa? 

  • Do you think SACAP has lost its credibility as our national Architecture registration council and would like to belong to a more plausible organization?

Benefits of RAFSA membership

  • Professional Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct unlike some other laughable South African architecture institutions in South Africa

  • A credible institution where candidates are fully evaluated before being accepted without qualification or relevant experience

  • No membership fees

  • Be a member of one of the most prestigious architecture assemblies in South Africa

  • A dedicated committee and friendly, helpful administration staff who actually cares who belong to us.

  • Official RAFSA Website

  • Market your organization for free on the RAFSA website

About the prestigious RAFSA architecture award

The RAFSA Architecture award has never been awarded to any architectural work ever. This makes it one of the most prestigious architecture awards ever to be up for grabs. This award is unfortunately only available to members of RAFSA and who is not registered or holds no affiliation with SACAP.

Submit your architectural project to be considered for the prestigious RAFSA architecture award today and make history in being the first to ever win this award!
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